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Sensory Learning

Welcome to our work on Sensory Integration.

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Sensory Circuits at Gosberton House Academy

Sensory circuits take place each morning between 8.45 and 9.30 in the Hall.

This is an exercise programme devised between school and a Specialist Consultant Occupational Therapist to promote sensory integration – many of our pupils have an immature nervous system and require additional stimulus to overcome issues around their balance, awareness of body space and use of muscles.

There are 3 areas:

  • The big balls, spinners, trampoline and jumping represent the ‘Alerting’ stage – lots of vigorous movement aimed at disturbing the fluid in the inner ears.
  • The balancing and co-ordination exercises represent the ‘Organization’ stage – where the brain is encouraged to organise more than one movement, sometimes working in opposite directions.
  • The stepping, combat crawling and rolling with the large balls represent ‘ Deep muscle work’ – the children should be really exerting themselves to work their muscles, it should feel an effort and heavy work. These exercises help both children who may need calming and those who need to be alerted – it provides a good start to the day after their taxi journeys and before work time in the classroom.

Staff in circuits – everyone is responsible for observing and supporting the children to use ‘QUALITY MOVEMENT’ – not to rush through the circuit as fast as possible.

Staff ‘MODEL’ movements and support the children to develop their skills further.