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School Uniform

Gosberton House Academy Uniform

We are able to supply:

Royal Blue Sweatshirt with school logo - £7 each
Royal Blue Fleece with school logo - £12 each 
Royal Blue Cardigans - £7 each
Large Rucksacks with school name - £12 each
Small Rucksacks with school name (limited availability) - £5 each
School Sunhats - £4 each

School will provide pupils with a Book Bag and PE Bag.

We do often have second hand uniform items available. Please do let us know if there is anything that we can do to support you. Also, if you do have any worn items of uniform you think could be used again, please do send them into school.

Please may we remind you to ensure that all of your children’s clothing items, bags etc are always clearly labelled.



School uniform is a very important part of our school.

Should you experience any difficulties in purchasing items please contact us as it may be possible that School can assist you financially.

For your information, Marks & Spencer have brought out a new school uniform called 'Easy Dressing' - The range has been designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum. Students from other schools, told the designers what they like and don't like about clothes -particularly things like labels and fastenings that can feel very fiddly and even painful and distracting because of their sensory sensitivities.Then they helped test the designs, which include trousers, shorts, and a seam-free long-sleeved polo shirt.The range is available to buy on the Marks & Spencer website.