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About Us

Originally the home of the Welby-Everard family, Gosberton House Academy stands in very pleasant grounds, which were purchased by Holland County Council in 1952.

In order to comply with the 1944 Education Act it was converted into a school for 40 children. It opened in 1953 initially as a day school. School dinners were cooked at Donington Secondary School and brought to Gosberton House in containers by van daily.

On the completion of the construction of the classroom block in 1955, full-time boarding for 20 boys and 20 girls was introduced, bringing the total number of pupils on roll to 80. Most of the children came from within the area covered by the old Holland County Council. The majority coming from Boston and Spalding areas, although on the boarding side some children came from Kesteven, Lindsey, and Lincoln.

After Easter 1984 the school once again became a day school as boarding provision was transferred to a new accommodation block at Teal House, Spalding. A building programme started in August 1988 which enabled the "Old House" to be sold and it is now a Residential Care Home.

Today, Gosberton House Academy is a Primary School for pupils who have Special Educational Needs and is part of the Lincolnshire Educational Trust Ltd.It has a 2017 Commendation from the NAS.

In order to develop facilities to establish an integrated Unit for children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, two new classrooms were built during the school year 1994/95 and plans were approved to build a new staff room and reception room. In 2001/2002 the school added a Library/ICT room, refurbished the school play areas and added, some much needed, additional storage. In 2003/2004 significant improvements where made to play areas, transport collection and car parking. In 2004/2005 a Sensory Garden and creative area were opened.

In 2006 the 'Rainbow Room' was opened for youngsters with complex needs. This is a specialist base for a maximum of five youngsters who need a very highly structured and individualised teaching and learning programme. Also in 2006 the 'Magic Stars' base was created. This base is the hub of our emotional literacy work –supporting pupils to understand and manage their behaviours. In 2007 our grounds were further enhanced with the development of a creative play area, pavilion and nature area. Within the school are Assessment Places for pupils who may require a period of assessment before decisions are made about future educational needs.

2009-10 saw significant building work within school as new entrance and administration area was created. This new build now houses a modern entrance with screen, from this there is a purpose built meeting room. Through the security door there is access to the admin staff and head teacher's office. This build also saw alterations to Blue room, with a new user friendly bathroom being installed. The new electronic gates where also installed at this time.

In 2011 work was completed on the bike track to further enhance play and social skills.

Throughout 2011-12  other rooms in the school have been  re-modelled including a Kitchen for children's cookery and Breakfast Club. This has had a very positive impact on our aim to create a SPELL environment [Structured, Positive, Empathetic, Low arousal, Links [NAS] within which our children can thrive

October 2013 saw the completion of our new "Link" building between the two mobile classrooms.  This has been a wonderful improvement for the children of KS1 who now have a super self-contained environment in which  to work and play.2014 onwards has seen further enhancements to Academy grounds and buildings.These developments have had a very positive impact on our aim to create a SPELL environment (Structured,Positive, Empathetic, Low arousal, Links (NAS) within which our children can thrive.