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Our Mission and Values

School Mission statement



we are constantly striving towards excellence; culture of aspiring  to be better than last year


  • We value education because it has the power to change peoples lives
  • We value success for all
  • We believe that all of our children have the right to a high quality education within and beyond the classroom, that is tailored to meet their individual learning needs and learning styles
  • We believe that all of our children should have equal access to all social and educational opportunities
  • We believe that our children should be fully involved in the life of the school
  • We value our work with parents, communities and the multi-professional team


To provide a happy, stimulating and challenging environment in school and beyond, in which we can all achieve our full potential


  • To provide the highest quality education possible for each child
  • To provide a stimulating, relevant learning environment that enables each child to maximise his/her learning potential
  • To focus teaching to the development of the whole child
  • To begin from where the child is at
  • To be proactive in supporting all staff to achieve their potential
  • To support our children to participate fully in the school, and their local community and to take part in decisions about their education
  • To support Inclusion and Outreach work
  • To produce a strong partnership with children, parents/carers and other stakeholders
  • To be creative and innovative so that we may carry on improving
  • To value each other and our contributions