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GHA New Build Project

Building Communities of Specialist Provision: Special School Strategy


As part of the 'Building Communities of Specialist Provision: Special School Strategy' Gosberton House Academy has been lucky enough to receive funding from the Local Authority to embark on a building project to create 4 new classrooms, therapy spaces and extend our school parking facilities. The proposed site is to the west of the existing main building and is away from our neighbours. The building will be made fit for purpose to ensure children at our school can reach their full potential and can be educated as close to home as possible. We are very excited about the new project and look forward to seeing it develop.

Our children and our community will be fully involved in the project. We hope that the children will engage in designing, reporting, interviewing, photographing and role playing what they are observing.

We are very mindful of our ECO School Green Flag status and we will ensure that the new building is integrated into our environment providing additional enrichments to our Forest School activities.