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Family Learning



Gosberton House Academy strives to put the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child at the heart of its curriculum.  Within  our community children’s rights are actively taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted.  Children’s rights are promoted during all aspects of daily life.

This curriculum policy links directly to the following articles from the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child:

Article 12: When adults are making decisions about children, children have the right to say what they think should happen and have their opinion taken into account

Article 23: Children who have any kind of disability have the right to special care and support, as well as all the rights in the convention, so that they can live full and independent lives.

Article 28: Children have a right to an education. Discipline in Schools should respect children’s human dignity. Primary education should be free. Wealthy countries should help poorer countries achieve this.

Article 29: Education should develop each child’s personality and talents to the full. It should encourage children to respect their parents and their own and other cultures.

Article 30: Children have a right to learn and use the language and customs of their families, whether these are shared by the majority of people in the country or not.


Aim of this policy


We believe that homework helps pupils to generalise, reinforce and transfer their learning between environments. Homework is an important part of learning and sharing. Homework can also be used to prepare children for new activities and extend their Academy learning


Children take reading folders home daily. It is hoped that parents/carers will share these reading materials with their child. The Academy will also encourage parents to help their child read/share an increasing variety of reading/printed materials.


The Academy encourages parents to help children to form letters correctly and to enjoy writing. Copies of the Academy letter formation sheets are available via our website and by request to our Office Team.


Mathematical skills can be practised during many daily activities.


We understand that Academy materials may occasionally be lost or damaged. We would be grateful for a contribution towards replacing them. Regrettably, if materials are constantly lost or damaged, the Academy may have to refuse to send materials home.

It is hoped that all parents will support this policy. We suggest that no more than half an hour each day should be spent on formal homework, however, there are many daily activities that can be turned into fun learning opportunities. Staff Teams will be happy to share ideas with you.


Family Learning

The school operates within a Family Learning ethos. We encourage all families to participate in Family Learning. Suggestions are published for each theme and are accessible via our website and school newsletter. Family Learning celebration take place every half term. You will be invited to participate.  Photographs, drawings, art work etc. are celebrated and displayed in the school. All children receive prizes for their participation. We offer access to a lunchtime Homework Club for children who are currently unable to complete these additional activities away from the school.

Family Learning is very important for you and your child. It helps you to share in your child’s learning and it helps your child to begin to understand that ‘learning’ is something that happens all of the time and throughout life –not just a school based activity.

Please support your child to join in.

If you have any worries or concerns, please let us know.

These ‘challenges’ are designed to be fun and engaging. Participation is really important for your child.

Thank you


August 2020