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What is it ?

The inclusion mark was a Lincolnshire initiative developed to ensure the continuity of the practices initiated by The National Inclusion Development programmes (IDP) - Supporting Pupils on the autism spectrum 2009/2010.The AIM4LINCS Inclusion Mark is awarded to schools who demonstrate they can :

  • Consistently develop and deliver good practice standards for children and young people with SC/AS, through a whole school approach.
  • Work with families and others (eg. support agencies) to support individuals with SC/AS.
  • Sustain and develop practice to renew their AIM4 inclusion mark every three years.

Why is it important ?

  • To identify good practice, have it recognised and move it forward.
  • To develop confidence among staff in meeting the differences of CYP with SC/AS.
  • Effective SC/AS practice is helpful for all CYP but is essential for individuals with SC/AS.