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Exciting Opportunity at GHA.........

I am an independent Occupational Therapist and have been developing some Occupational Therapy to offer children.I have had a lot of interest, but am looking for venues to host the sessions.The groups are :

Movement & Coordination,Fine Motor Skills,Meeting Sensory Needs,Handwriting Improvement,Concentration & Memory Improvement, Social Skills.


I am developing these sessions so open to any suggestions for other groups/needs your pupils have.(I am also looking into the possibility of a regular life skills group for older young people 12-18).

 I charge £15 per child for the 2 hour group session, and take 6-10 children per session.Any age,any diagnosis as I plan the sessions according to the children booked in.I could also offer a discount if parents book in for all 6 groups,buy 5 get one free (so £75). Alongside this I have been offering 45 min 1:1 sessions at areduced rate of £26.I am looking at once a month on a Saturday, 10-12 for group sessions and 2 1:1 sessions before or after.

Alison Wyatt - Occupational Therapist