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School Update 23/03

Children in school critical workers

Dear Parent/Carers,

Thank you very much for your continuing support and understanding.

Our school will remain open, primarily for the children of Critical Workers. Government advice is clear that anyone who can work at home should do so and anyone who can keep their child at home should do so- NHS is asking people to stay at home if at all possible.

Here in school, we would really appreciate this. We need to prioritise our Critical Workers and ensure that they do not need to worry about the health and safety of their child whilst in our care- we are very grateful  to them for the wonderful job that they are doing.

We also need to prioritise our own Staff Team- who are also Critical Workers and who have children and family members who need their care.

We really appreciate your cooperation with this.

Tapestry will continue to be our on-going means of communication. We will post regular updates as well as homeworking ideas via Tapestry. Please post your photos and ideas. Keep in touch

Take care

Ms Stanton