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DFE Guidelines for School at end of term

DFE Guidelines for School at end of term

Dear Parent/Carer/Staff

The latest guidance from the DfE outlines the arrangements for the end of this term and the details regarding contact tracing over the Christmas period.

End of Term

The last day of term for pupils at Gosberton House Academy will be Thursday 17th December. This date remains unchanged and unaffected by the guidance from the DfE (which would have allowed schools to close on the 17th if their end of term was later). The expectation is that pupils continue to attend school up until the last day of term, unless they have symptoms or need to self-isolate.

Contact tracing

Public Health England has agreed a 6-day window after the final day of teaching in which schools and further education providers are asked to remain contactable so they can assist with contact tracing where necessary. This will allow enough time for positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases to be identified and confirmed by a test and for relevant contacts in the education setting to be traced.

If a pupil/member of staff tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms within 48 hours of being in school, contact the school so we can identify close contacts and advise self-isolation, as the individual may have been infectious whilst in school.

Please email or use TAPESTRY during the 6-day window (18th to 23rd December) with the following details;


Name of pupil

Date when symptoms first began

Date when last in school with symptoms

Date of positive test

Where a pupil or staff member tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in school, the school should not be contacted. Parents and carers should follow contact tracing instructions provided by NHS Test and Trace.


As we draw to the close of what has been the most challenging term, I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and I hope we all have a much better 2021.

Take care

Louise Stanton

Executive Principal