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Earlybird and Earlybird Plus

This is an excellent course for improving your understanding of your child’s autism and discussing strategies to support them at home and school. It is offered to families with a child on the Autistic Spectrum,  aged 4 – 8 years old at the start of the course. Each family has 2 places allocated – these can be mum and dad, or parent and a close family member eg grandparent / aunt / uncle or parent and friend. If you attend the course there is provision for a member of staff, from the school that your child attends, to also attend the training – this is very valuable in sharing home / school understanding of your child.

Please consider taking up the opportunity of this training – families who have attended training in the past have commented on how much more confident they feel, how much they enjoyed meeting and sharing experiences with other families and improvements in home / school support.  - For further details contact

EarlyBird Plus Programmes


Please see below on attachments the new dates for EarlyBird Plus Parent Programme Spring Term 2018 - Dates for 2017 EarlyBird Plus Parent Programme are still available to see.

Dates for EarlyBird Plus Parent Programme Autumn 2018 (Proposed Dates) : start time 9.30 am-12.00 at Gosberton House Academy : Monday 17th September Session 1,Monday 24th September Session 2,Monday 1st October no session-follow up from Summer 2018,Monday 8th October Session 3,Monday 15th October home visit A, half term- Monday 5th November session 4, Monday 12th November Session 5,Monday 19th November Session 6, Monday 26th November home visit B, Monday 3rd December Session 7,Monday 10th December Session 8.


NAS  - Parent to Parent Service

Please see information below about the service available from the National Autistic Society.Find out more information on their web page or the online enquiry form by visiting the Parent to Parent pages of the NAS website.


Would you like to be part of the SleepSmart Project ?Researchers in the Department of Psychology at the University of York are exploring the role that sleep plays in the learning and memory.To find out more please look at the SleepSmart Project Poster on the attached documents below.

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