Bike Club & Guitar Club

Bike Club.

As ever, we have been very busy maintaining our fleet of bikes. Constant demand takes it tole, so regular maintenance is imperative to keep them in good order. New members are learning the skills to achieve this with the help from some of our existing members. We take great pride in our club and all members work very hard to become independent people capable of making decisions needed to safely use a range of tools and equipment we have available to us. As knowledge builds the range of tasks also become more complex. We are taking on maintenance such as fitting new inner tubes, adjustments of brakes and cables to replacing/lubricating wheel and steering race bearings.

Bike club members continuing hard work keeps our bike track supplied with safe reliable bikes for all GHS children to enjoy.


Guitar club has welcomed new members for a new term. In addition to our Wednesday club we now meet Monday and Friday such was the interest after our end of year performance.

Our new members are working hard and beginning to get to grips with learning their first chords. This has been more interesting and engaging as two of last years members regularly peer mentor. This has been very successful and also expands the friendship groups outside of their own class, sharing a common interest.

Our new project, as chosen by our senior members is “country music” They are learning a popular Kenny Rogers song and plan to unveil it to the school when they are happy with their own interpretation of the piece.

We hope you will be available to come and hear it.

Mr Pearson. GHS Bike & Guitar Clubs


Also.......A BIG thankyou from GHS Guitar Club.GHS guitar club would like to pass on their thanks to the anonymous donor who has sent us 9 new guitars for our club.This has had a fantastic impact and every member now has full use of a guitar throughout their sessions.In addition, we have also been able to learn more about guitar types,styles and their different applications.It has provided our club and members with a renewed enthsiasm for playing guitar.A VERY BIG thankyou from all at GHS Guitar Club.Please see our pictures from Guitar Club,on the links below

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