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Dear parents/guardians,


Scope is working with the Scouts on a project that aims to get more disabled children and young people involved in the Scouting. As part of this work, Scope is carrying out a piece of research to find out more about any barriers to participation.


As I am sure you are aware, we are looking into the possibility of running Scouting regularly for young people in the school on a Friday afternoon. We are really keen to gauge your feedback on this as a parent or guardian. This form is aimed at parents or guardians who have chosen for their child to be involved in Scouting outside curriculum time, so some of the wording may not be entirely relevant to your situation. However, we would be very grateful for your honest feedback within the capacity of this form.


You can find the feedback form here:


Thank you for your time.


Scope Research team and The Scout Association



Thank you!


Kind regards,


Stephanie Sanderson

Regional Development Officer, YUF Innovation Project (East Midlands)

The Scout Association


Tel: 07946 604 623

Online: | @UKScouting


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